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Baxter’s robust service and support programs offer you a range of tools to assist in your PD therapy needs. From online supply management tools, to patient start services, to real-time technical support, Baxter provides a variety of services for you.

Our Services & Support for Patients

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My Baxter & Mobile Ordering

The My Baxter Patient Portal offers patients a simpler, more efficient way to manage your approved PD supplies. Getting started with the My Baxter Patient Portal is simple! In just 3 steps, you’ll have 24/7 access to a user-friendly solution that empowers you to spend less time managing your PD needs, and more time living life. Patients can also use Mobile Ordering to place orders for supplies in 5 easy steps. Click on the links below to learn how you can use these online tools to manage your PD supply needs.

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Renal Technical Support (RTS)

Our 24/7 call center is staffed with representatives trained to provide expert technical support to clinics and patients who use the AmiaHomechoice ClariaHomeChoice or HomeChoice PRO Automated Peritoneal Dialysis (APD) devices. Whether you’re a patient whose PD therapy has been interrupted in the middle of the night by an alarm or you need technical guidance to troubleshoot an issue, you can rely on our knowledgeable representatives, who succeed in troubleshooting and resolving the majority of issues through one telephone call.

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Global Travel Club

Baxter's Global Travel Club may offer you the option to travel while performing therapy. Click the link below for more details, including preparation steps, important considerations and helpful tips.

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Driver Service Specialists

Baxter offers the only fleet of PD dedicated drivers, providing personalized service for patient deliveries. Baxter drivers deliver to patient homes in all 50 states of the U.S., often getting to know their customers with in-home deliveries on their longstanding routes. You can expect a 3-hour delivery window for your PD supplies, and you can sign up for Driver Alerts via text and email.

Product Messages for Patients

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