Renal Therapies with Baxter

Our Therapy Areas

Baxter is firmly committed to supporting patients and their healthcare providers, from acute kidney injury to end-stage chronic kidney disease.

nurse interacting with the interface of the Prismax machine

Acute Therapies

We partner with you on the front line of intensive care, so you can help deliver accurate, effective, and efficient treatment for ICU patients with Acute Kidney Injury and other acute renal conditions.

Man able to undergo hemodialysis treatment and also spend time with his granddaughter

Expanded Hemodialysis (HDx) Therapy

HDx therapy is the next evolution in hemodialysis treatment that brings us one step closer to the natural kidney through superior removal of an expanded range of conventional/large middle molecules (up to 45,000 Da).1 De Novo Granted-NOW AVAILABLE.

Healthcare professional assisting a patient while looking at a tablet


Baxter continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in renal care. We are committed to advancing dialysis and hemodialysis treatment in ground-breaking and meaningful ways to give more choices to patients.

Man sitting in bed and reading while receiving  APD

Peritoneal Dialysis

Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) offers the potential to maintain a patient's lifestyle and provides an option to perform therapy at home.2 Automated PD cyclers with Remote Patient Management may improve renal patients' clinical outcomes.