AK 98 Augmented Reality App

Boost staff confidence with this virtual companion app.



A simple, easy-to-use app interface displays a 3D model of the AK 98 machine, while providing guidance through all operating scenarios, in a six-step modular approach.

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The application complements your current in-field training by providing instant access to a virtual AK 98 machine. This immersive learning experience allows you to practice the AK 98 machine anytime, anywhere.

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The intuitive design and technology may help new staff with fast and strong learning retention, and reduce doubts associated with unusual device procedures.

Use this app to guide you through the operations of the AK 98 dialysis machine.

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The AK 98 Augmented Reality App is at the forefront of e-learning technologies, Through on demand virtual learning, It provides the guidance, convenience and confidence your staff needs.

AK 98 Machine

Leveraging Augmented Reality and 3D Video Technology

The AK 98 Augmented Reality App provides a unique immersive virtual machine training and hands on educational experience via any smart phone or tablet that has a camera. The app also supports optional wearable virtual reality glasses/headset hardware that further simulate in-depth contactless training and education delivery minus traditional barriers such as scheduling and training supplies.

Download the App (*) through a device of your choice (**)

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Scan this QR Code for Apple with a QR reader or your device's camera.

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* The AK 98 AR App is a supporting service for end users of the AK 98 machine and must be purchased as an add-on.
** The AK 98 AR App is available with a smartphone, tablet and HoloLens 2 smart glasses.

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The Baxter AK 98 dialysis machine is intended to be used for intermittent hemodialysis and/or isolated ultrafiltration treatments of patients with chronic or acute renal failure or fluid overload upon prescription by a physician.

The AK 98 dialysis machine is indicated to be used on patients with a body weight of 25 kg or more.  The AK 98 dialysis machine is intended to be used by trained operators when prescribed by a physician, in a chronic care dialysis or hospital care environment.

The Baxter AK 98 dialysis machine is not intended for Selfcare or Home use.

Rx Only. For the safe and proper use of the products mentioned herein, please refer to the appropriate Instructions for Use or Operator’s Manual.