The Sharesource Remote Patient Management (RPM) platform globally supports our Automated Peritoneal Dialysis (APD) systems.

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Enhance Your APD Program with Sharesource RPM Platform

Sharesource is the only two-way RPM platform that enables healthcare professionals to securely view their patients' APD treatment data and act on this information by remotely adjusting their patients' device programs without an additional trip to the clinic.

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Baxter continues to redefine PD care with Sharesource remote patient management technology.  As Baxter's most widely adopted digital health platform for home dialysis, Sharesource has helped manage more than 28 million home peritoneal dialysis (PD) treatments globally.1  Sharesource allows healthcare providers to securely view their patients’ APD treatment data that is automatically collected after each PD session. Healthcare professionals can then act on this information by remotely adjusting their patients’ APD prescriptions or programs without requiring them to make additional trips to the clinic.2

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Personalized Care

Sharesource provides the treatment data HCPs need to review and, if necessary, make changes to personalize their patients’ therapy remotely and with confidence.

A growing body of evidence shows that Sharesource may help reduce patient complications3,4 and hospitalizations5-7promote treatment adherence8,9 – with the goal to improve patient outcomes and clinic resource optimization.

Making Informed Decisions

With on-demand access to historical treatment data, Sharesource can help you make informed treatment decisions for your patients.

Improving Patient Compliance

The Sharesource Clinical Dashboard allows you to see when a patient stops a treatment early or skips a treatment altogether.  This may help you identify and resolve compliance issues with the treatments you prescribe.

Increasing Clinic Efficiencies

Tracking treatment data in Sharesource for multiple patients offers the potential to improve clinic efficiencies by allowing you to prioritize resources and focus on patient care.   

Implementation is Simple by Design

Baxter provides the modem for patient devices and Sharesource utilizes cloud-based technology, so there is little-to-no IT investment needed. All you need to utilize Sharesource is a select Baxter device and an Internet connection at the clinic.

With over 9.5 million Sharesource Connectivity Platform treatments to date in the US, Baxter has the unique ability to share with clinicians the benefits that Remote Patient Management (RPM) may have on a dialysis program.1

Compelling Evidence to use an APD Cycler with Sharesource for Remote Patient Management

Sharesource is a clinically proven two-way remote PD patient management technology.8,10-13

Graphic showing transparency to patient adherence

Transparent Patient Adherence8

Transparent Patient Adherence "of patients missed treatment time in the first week of therapy".

Establishes transparency to patient adherence patterns and may facilitate early intervention.

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Proactive Patient Management10

Enables clinicians to spend a greater proportion of time on proactive patient care.

Graphic showing statistics for improved fluid management

Improved Fluid Management11

With RPM, remote management of patients is ensured and patients are actively kept in treatment.  As a result, ultrafiltration and dialysis efficiency of patients increase with improved treatment adherence, and blood pressure regulation can be achieved with fewer antihypertensive drugs.

Graphic showing reduction in hospitalization

Reduction in Hospitalization5

The remote monitoring technology specifically designed to be integrated into APD systems gives both patients and their clinical team a powerful tool that can enhance communication, potentially improve adherence to the treatment, and provide the potential for early intervention of complications of therapy.

Graphic showing reduction in dropout

Reduction in Drop-Out12

This retrospective, multicentre, observational cohort study of 558 prevalent adult APD patients demonstrated a lower drop out rate in the APD-RPM cohort versus the APD cohort.

Graphic showing reduction in costs

Reduction in Resource Utilization13

A simulated study that estimates the potential impact of RPM on APD patients’ use of healthcare resources and costs in the US, Germany and Italy.

Desktop screen showing Sharesource analytics

Sharesource Analytics 1.0

Through seamless integration with Sharesource Clinical Portal, Analytics 1.0 is designed to transform patient treatment data into actionable insight.

Explore visualizations of therapy data, trend notifications and clinical decision support – all available through Sharesource Analytics 1.0.

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Our Automated Peritoneal Dialysis (APD) Systems

Sharesource is available with our automated peritoneal dialysis (APD) systems. Learn more about our Homechoice Claria APD and Amia APD systems.

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Explore the MySharesource App for Homechoice Claria for Optimum Implementation

The MySharesource web-based app was built to expand your familiarity of the platform’s capabilities, so you can best utilize the remote patient management platform in the care of your Homechoice Claria patients. We invite you to explore the app in support of optimum implementation of the digital health platform.

You can access the MySharesource app by clicking the button below.


The Sharesource portal is intended for use by healthcare professionals to remotely communicate new or modified treatment parameters with compatible dialysis instruments and transfer completed treatment data to a central database to aid in the review, analysis, and evaluation of patients’ historical treatment results. This system is not intended to be a substitute for good clinical management practices, nor does its operation create decisions or treatment pathways.

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