Amia with Sharesource

The Amia Automated PD System with Sharesource Connectivity Platform is designed to make home peritoneal dialysis easy for you and your healthcare provider.


Drivers have GPS, Dialysis Patients have Amia with Sharesource

Amia Automated PD System with Sharesource Connectivity Platform is intended for automated dialysis solution exchanges in adult patients with renal failure undergoing peritoneal dialysis at home. It provides a user-friendly PD experience that guides you through your treatment in the comfort of your own home.1


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Voice Guidance:

Simple, voice-guided, step-by-step instructions guide you through detailed instructions on how to set up and complete your treatments.1 Built-in technical support features assist you and, if necessary, provide you with contact information for help. The Amia System can speak to you in English, Spanish or French Canadian.

Remote Monitoring

Stay connected to your healthcare provider with the Sharesource Connectivity Platform featuring remote patient monitoring.2


The Amia System's compact size is designed for ease of use and storage at home. When you are on the go, it can be packed in an optional and convenient, TSA-compliant carry-on case.1

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The Amia System with Sharesource Platform is backed by Baxter's industry-leading service and support.

Simple voice-guided instructions walk you through each step of your treatment.1 The built-in Sharesource Platform lets your healthcare provider monitor your historical treatment data remotely in a more timely manner,2 which may reduce the number of visits you need to make to the clinic.3

Patient Training Video

Watch this instructional video to assist you through the pre and post treatment steps of the Amia System with the Sharesource Platform.

Remote Monitoring Capability Lets You Stay In Touch

Stay connected to your healthcare provider with the Sharesource Connectivity Platform featuring remote patient monitoring.2

At the end of each therapy, information about your treatment is remotely transmitted to your clinicians to review and, if necessary, make changes to your program. Changes are then transmitted to your Amia System. You can accept the changes with the touch of a button.1

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Baxter’s AmiaCare service is intended to provide proactive or “predictive” maintenance to help improve your experience with the Amia system. The AmiaCare service allows Baxter to plan maintenance of the Amia system during its normal functioning to help prevent you from experiencing any interruption in therapy. This service is available because of the unique capabilities of the Sharesource Connectivity Platform.

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The Amia Automated PD System is intended for automatic control of dialysate solution exchanges in the treatment of adult renal failure patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis. All therapies using Amia Automated PD System must be prescribed and performed under the responsibility of a physician who is familiar and well-informed about peritoneal dialysis.

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