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Go beyond urea. One effortless dialyzer switch could make a world of difference for your patients.

Theranova 400 and 500

One step closer to the natural kidney1

The Theranova 400 and 500 dialyzers deliver superior removal of large-middle molecules (up to 45k Da) compared to high-flux membranes, while maintaining stable serum albumin levels.2 The Theranova dialyzer can be used with your current HD machines and workflows.2

See how the Theranova dialyzer works

Watch the video to see how the Theranova dialyzer brings us a step closer to the natural kidney.1

Theranova patient

Choosing the Theranova dialyzer may reduce hospitalizations, medication usage and cost of care compared to high-flux HD

  • Up to 45% reduction in all-cause hospitalizations3
  • Up to $4,772 lower cost per-patient, with savings demonstrated in 96% of the 10,000 simulations in a probability analysis of mean cost difference3
Randomized controlled trial of US hemodialysis patients
  • Reduced erythropoietin resistance and ESA utilization4-7
  • Decreased dosing of supportive medications such as iron, insulin and antihypertensive medications6,7
Multicenter, observational study; retrospective analysis; and prospective, randomized, controlled, open-label studies
Theranova patient

Patient-reported quality of life may improve using the Theranova dialyzer compared to high-flux HD

  • Improved effects and burden of kidney disease8
Prospective, multicenter, observational study
  • Improved sleep quality, energy level, and general well-being9
Single center, unblinded, exploratory pilot study

Up to 2.5 hours reduction in patient-reported dialysis recovery time10

Single center, retrospective analysis

Reduction in patient-reported pruritis11

Randomized, prospective, controlled, open-label study

Up to 55% reduction in patients meeting diagnostic criteria for restless leg syndrome (RLS)8

Prospective, multicenter, observational study

HDxcellence Academy

HDxcellence Academy

Access our on-demand video library of short (5-15 minutes) modules delivered by experts on topics such as:

MCO dialyzers like the Theranova dialyzer that bring us one step closer to the natural kidney1 

• Pathological role that conventional/large middle molecular toxins (up to 45 kDa) play in the development of uremic clinical syndrome  

• Evidence surrounding clinical effectiveness, safety and efficacy, patient-reported quality of life and health economic outcomes related to HDx therapy

The Theranova Dialyzer is indicated for patients with chronic kidney failure who are prescribed intermittent hemodialysis. It provides an expanded solute removal profile with increased removal of various middle molecules (up to 45 kDa) that may play a pathologic role in the uremic clinical syndrome. The Theranova Dialyzer is not intended for hemofiltration or hemodiafiltration therapy. The total extracorporeal blood volume for the Theranova Dialyzer and the set should represent less than 10% of the patient's blood volume.

For single use only.

Rx Only. For the safe and proper use of this device, refer to the Instructions for Use.


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