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Delivering expanded hemodialysis

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Currently on hemodialysis?

  • Feel itchy?
  • Feel tired?
  • Have restless legs?
  • Have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep?
  • Taking a while to recover from treatments?

If answering yes to any of these questions, read on to find out more.

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When kidneys are damaged, they don't effectively remove toxins through urine, and these toxins build up in the bloodstream. That’s why the dialyzer is perhaps the most important part of hemodialysis treatment. The dialyzer acts like an artificial kidney to remove fluid and toxins from the body.

However, traditional (high-flux) dialyzers have limited ability to remove certain toxins - called large middle molecules1-3 - that cause some of the symptoms dialysis patients suffer, like itching,4-5 fatigue,5-6 difficulty sleeping5-6 and restless legs.7-9


How is HDx therapy different than traditional hemodialysis?

Unlike traditional hemodialysis, HDx therapy is made possible by a specialized membrane within the Theranova dialyzer, designed to remove the unwanted large-middle molecules (the “bad” stuff) while retaining the essential large molecules, like albumin (the “good” stuff).17-19

The Theranova dialyzer is the only available dialyzer with this special membrane.

Theranova filter on machine

The ability to perform HDx therapy is very straightforward. Doctors can simply prescribe the Theranova dialyzer instead of the current, traditional dialyzer. There is no need for different machinery or any other change from the normal treatment.20 The Theranova dialyzer is the only available dialyzer that delivers HDx therapy.

The goal of HDx therapy is to provide more than just a dialysis treatment. HDx therapy is one step closer to the natural kidney and aims to help relieve the burden of kidney disease.3,17

After switching to HDx therapy enabled by Theranova dialyzers, patients have reported a reduction in itchiness,3 restless leg syndrome22 and dialysis recovery time,23 as well as improved sleep quality, energy and general well-being.6

Hear from patients on their experiences

" ... when I told (my doctor) about (my restless leg syndrome), she had the idea to switch me over to Theranova dialyzer. And after that, I got better. That was amazing. And I could finally sleep again. Sleep peacefully. All the symptoms have completely changed with the new dialyzer. It gave me a new lease of life. "


Andre, patient on HDx therapy

" I feel, in myself, Theranova definitely made an impact on my family life, home life and all parts of my life. I can do things that I couldn't do .. I go take my kids out to the park. "


Dennis, patient on HDx therapy

" When we started dialysis with the new Theranova Dialyzer, after a few weeks, like within 2 months, I can see that her itchiness has reduced by 90%, and after like four months, there is no itchiness, ... she doesn't scratch. ... That is like a result that you can see. "


Shatila, caregiver for mother on HDx therapy

" ... couple days after using it, ... I started to feel better ... I was eating a little better, and my sleep wasn't great, but it was way better, much improved. So, I thought, boy, this is ridiculous. Then I started thinking - wait a minute - this is not imaginary ... obviously there is a difference in the dialyzer. "


Robert, patient on HDx therapy

Although these are actual experiences of people living with kidney failure, each person’s experience may be different.

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Patients may receive treatment with the Theranova Dialyzer if they have chronic kidney disease and are prescribed intermittent hemodialysis only. This dialyzer removes larger size middle molecules (toxins) that can play a pathologic role in the uremic clinical syndrome (fluid, electrolyte, hormonal, and metabolic abnormalities).

Patients should know there are no known contraindications for the use of Theranova dialyzers. In rare cases, patients could experience a hypersensitivity reaction during dialysis, particularly at the onset of treatment. If this occurs, report abnormal symptoms immediately to the health care provider.  If severe, the dialysis must be discontinued, and appropriate medical intervention administered. Isolated/sequential ultrafiltration (Fluid Removal Only) should NOT be applied when using Theranova dialyzers.

For single use only.

Rx only. For the safe and proper use of this device, refer to the Instructions for Use.

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