Polyflux 6H Dialyzer

Enables high flux dialysis for small patients, including pediatric indications.

Polyflux 6H

Designed for Pediatric Patients

  • Membrane material made of PAES/PVP/PA1
  • With a membrane surface area of 0.6m2, the small size is more relevant for pediatric patients1
  • Capability of operating with low dialysate flow rates (8-500 mL/min) for pediatric patient needs
  • Steam sterilization eliminates EtO reactions
  • Simple priming procedure with five startup steps1

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Polyflux 6H is intended for chronic and acute applications in hemodialysis, hemodiafiltration, and hemofiltration on small patients including pediatric indications, considering blood flow, body weight and extracorporeal blood volume.

For single use only. 

Rx Only. For the safe and proper use of the device mentioned herein, refer to the Instructions for Use.