AK 98 Hemodialysis Machine

NOW 510(k) CLEARED! Introducing Baxter’s most convenient and reliable hemodialysis machine ever. Built on a long legacy of innovation, the AK 98 machine is designed to be an optimal platform for both chronic dialysis care and the hospital care environment.

image of the AK98 hemodialysis machine

Simple. Reliable. Convenient.

The Artificial Kidney 98 (AK 98) machine is designed to provide operational and cost efficiency that streamlines staff workflow and dialysis treatment monitoring through:

  • Easy set-up and transport facilitates staffing resource flexibility
  • Reduced hands-on time designed to automate and simplify treatments
  • Proactive treatment reporting and insight helps optimize facility operations
  • Reduced resource usage provides cost savings with a greener footprint
  • Reduced maintenance needs backed by comprehensive service and support

Take the Virtual Demo.

Select a feature below to learn more about the AK 98 Machine.  Learn about the AK 98 augmented reality app--a virtual companion that will guide a user through the operations of the AK 98 Machine.

See it in Action: Bidirectional Connectivity

HL7-based connection allows direct push-pull capability, providing the ability to pull prescriptions directly from the EMR for simplified workflow and data handling. 

See it in Action: The BiCart Concentrate Autodrain

Makes it simple to drain the water and powder completely for easy recycling after use and reduced leakage when the cartridge is disconnected.

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Important Safety Information

The Baxter AK 98 dialysis machine is intended to be used for intermittent hemodialysis and/or isolated ultrafiltration treatments of patients with chronic or acute renal failure or fluid overload upon prescription by a physician.

The AK 98 dialysis machine is indicated to be used on patients with a body weight of 25 kg or more.  The AK 98 dialysis machine is intended to be used by trained operators when prescribed by a physician, in a chronic care dialysis or hospital care environment.

The Baxter AK 98 dialysis machine is not intended for Selfcare or Home use.

Rx Only. For the safe and proper use of the products mentioned herein, please refer to the appropriate Instructions for Use or Operator’s Manual.