Homechoice Claria Training

An important step toward home dialysis is patient training. To support your patient training on automated peritoneal dialysis (APD) with Homechoice Claria, explore our training videos on preparing and performing therapy.   

Our videos and animations provide your patients with a dynamic audio-visual explanation of APD therapy in a condensed and user-friendly manner. All of our educational videos feature animation and narration to help make Homechoice Claria to understand.

Homechoice Claria Training Videos

Preparing Supplies for Homechoice Claria

Preparing Homechoice Claria

Connecting to Homechoice Claria

Ending Therapy on Homechoice Claria

Explore MyClaria App for Your Patients

Close up of hands holding a phone with the MyClaria App displayed on the screen

The MyClaria web-based app supports your patients every step of the way, from set-up and troubleshooting alarms to ending their therapy.  It also includes a 24/7 Live Chat feature for technical support, so they never feel alone. The app is available in English and Spanish.

For complete instructions on the proper use of the Homechoice Claria APD System, refer to the Homechoice Claria Patient At-Home Guide.


Homechoice Claria APD System is intended for automatic control of dialysis solution exchanges in the treatment of pediatric and adult renal failure patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis in the home healthcare environment including comparable use in professional healthcare facilities.

Rx Only. For safe and proper use of the devices mentioned on this website, refer to the Instructions for Use or appropriate Operator’s Manuals.