Sharesource Analytics 1.0

Transforming treatment data into actionable insight through data visualization, trend notifications and in-depth decision support.1  

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Sharesource Analytics 1.0 integrates seamlessly with the Sharesource Clinical Portal transforming the patient treatment data received from compatible automated peritoneal dialysis (APD) cyclers into meaningful data visualizations. Analytics 1.0 also offers notifications on important trend changes and guidance for clinical decision-making – supporting clinicians in proactive patient care.

Designed to unlock powerful treatment analytics and support proactive patient care

Table of enhancements showcasing the benefits of sharesource platform and platform enhanced with analytics

Icon representing growth and visualized therapy data

Visualized historical therapy data

Timely access to visualized trends and benchmarks across 7 to 180 days of patient treatment.1  

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Notifications on trend changes

Notifications to help anticipate therapy patterns and proactively identify potential complications.1  

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Guidance for decision-making

Support on patient analytics to help identify critical issues and define potential next steps.1  

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Committed to proactive patient care

Analytics 1.0 provides access to visualized trends and trend notifications with intelligent data processing converting large volumes of treatment data into powerful analytics. Through patient data, Analytics 1.0 may assist in timely identification of critical issues and define potential next steps of PD therapy.1 

Analytics 1.0 offers access to extensive trends designed to provide clarity around the leading causes of PD therapy dropout.2 

Image showcasing Clinical Decision Support (CDS) analytics regarding adherence

Patient adherence

Receive in-depth data on skipped treatments, loss of total treatment time, and loss of dwell time of completed treatments. With Clinical Decision Support (CDS), you will have access to guidance on examining lost treatment time and adherence-related issues along with recommendations for intervention.1    

Analytics 1.0 may help to understand: 
Is low adherence related to behavioral or mechanical issues?
Why is adherence lower over the last 30 days?

Image of catheter function analytics accessed through CDS

Catheter function

Access the average catheter drain and fill times for each patient, providing unique visibility and insights to slow-building issues and complications related to malposition or migration, fibrin standards, or constipation. CDS further supports examination of various flow patterns and offers guidance on clinical evaluation and management.1

Analytics 1.0 may help to understand: 
What could be causing this patient’s extended drain times? 
How may slow-building catheter issues be prevented?

Image of alarm disturbances analytics that can be accessed through CDS


Delivers a powerful cross-check analysis on the number 
of alarms generated during treatment, to help understand alarm trends. CDS further enables clinical intervention to minimize patient disturbances from alarms.1   

Analytics 1.0 may help to understand: 
How can the number of alarms and the burden of alarm disturbances be reduced?

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Experience Sharesource Analytics 1.0

Gain access to Sharesource Analytics 1.0 and experience visualized therapy data, notifications on trend changes and detailed guidance to support clinical decision-making with a 30-day trial.

Sharesource Analytics 1.0 is designed to help you manage your PD patients proactively and with confidence.


The Sharesource portal is intended for use by healthcare professionals to remotely communicate new or modified treatment parameters with compatible dialysis instruments and transfer completed treatment data to a central database to aid in the review, analysis, and evaluation of patients’ historical treatment results. This system is not intended to be a substitute for good clinical management practices, nor does its operation create decisions or treatment pathways.

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